What Color is Your Personality

Not that long ago I had the pleasure of spending some time with Alex Freund of Landing Expert  -Career Coaching  (http://www.landingexpert.com/)  Alex is an unparalleled career coach, and he really believes in and supports his clients. Alex and I met when I spoke in front of a professional networking group in New Jersey. Since then, we have become friends; I thoroughly enjoy sharing ideas with him. Really, I find him very inspirational and a wealth of information. It is wonderful to share career planning concepts with someone who really understands the value of what career coaching can do for a client.

We began discussing personality traits and how each one of us is closely linked to a specific color. The Hartman Personality Profile also known as The Color Code, created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, divides personalities into four colors: Red (the power wielders), Blue (the do-gooders), White (the peace keepers), and Yellow (the fun lovers) (1).

Red: According to the Profile, Reds are the power wielders. I liken this to the Type A personality. They are driven and efficient with sheer determination and focus. “These qualities make them natural born leaders, as they make things happen by sheer force of will.”

While I don’t consider myself a ‘power wielder’ per se, I am definitely Type A with a single-minded focus on the things I start. Of course the colors blend, and I do possess traits of the other colors (as we all do). So, I had Alex critique a sales call I was making. Alex found my approach to be very direct (shocking, I know), which works well when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the phone. The part that needed improvement, he said was the relationship aspect. For many people, they want you to engage them more – approach the sale from a friendlier perspective. This does not mean that I am not friendly; in fact, I am very friendly. However,  in an effort to avoid spending an hour on the phone, I try to keep the critique aspect short. This was a good learning lesson for me. I don’t make every sale, but then, nobody does. The take away was that I might close more business by taking the time to try and determine the color code of the person I am speaking with during my critique calls.

BLUE: “Blues are motivated by intimacy and without their natural talent to insist on quality and to provide service, our world would be a far less pleasant place.” Loyal to a fault, completely dependable, and thoughtful are just a few of the characteristics that describe Blues. Since Blues are ruled by their emotions, they tend to be self-deprecating, quickly pointing out their flaws rather than highlighting their strengths.

White: Whites are the peacekeepers.  They avoid confrontation like the plague, preferring instead completely peaceful situations. Whites are patient and understanding. Their ability to empathize with others is a strength of Whites. Accepting of others – faults and all is the hallmark of Whites. They are the voice of reason, in a calm and collected way.

Yellow: Yellows are the fun people. They are happy; and truly look to have a good time. Their positive energy makes other people want to be around them. They like to meet new people and prefer spontaneity. This can work very well when it comes to job search. Like the other colors, yellows have their limitations. Who doesn’t? One of the best things about Yellows is their enthusiasm.


Knowing yourself and understanding which of the colors most represents your personality is important to facilitate a productive and successful career search. We all possess traits of the various colors. While you might be predominantly one color, there are others that seep through. This melding of colors is what makes us all unique! When you understand yourself you can better prepare to leverage your various traits as you pursue new opportunities.

Here are a few links to some quizzes to help you understand what ‘color’ you are. This information might prove useful as you prepare for your job search.




(1)Hartman, Taylor. The Color Code.