This is a list of all resume samples published on our site. Samples include a diverse range of professionals in common job positions from multiple career levels including student/entry level resume, professional, mid management and executive.

You can use the resumes to generate ideas on resume format, common introductions and preparation of the body content. You can also use the resume samples as a template for starting your own resume.

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The are 3 major areas of content to most resume samples. The summary or introduction, the paragraph of responsibilities and the list of accomplishments.

Using the resumes on this site you can see how introductions are put together. You may notice the statements written in a specific format. You can use the samples to find subjects that you may also have in common with people in a similar job field. Many of the summary statements are general sentences that represent common skills and traits such as problem solving, work ethic, attention to detail, ability to manage personnel or leadership. This is where you might benefit by looking at samples from unrelated job positions. Other statements might be more specific to the job type where an IT professional may state knowledge of software or programming languages while an Accountant may document statements related to rules, laws or procedures related to finance, business or auditing. You may have to find related jobs to generate ideas for specific skills sets.

The body section usually is found as a paragraph under the job title heading and represents past job experience. These statements explain the scope of work at each position. The job seeker needs to state their core responsibility, daily tasks and general reason for being employed. Under those sections you will often see bullet points that represent special actions that occurred. These achievements are ideally written with strong action verbs that explain a positive result.

Ideally, you will want highlight quantified results such as saving millions of dollars, improving productivity by 75% or increasing revenues by certain dollar figures. Quantifying achievements helps give a realistic idea of how you performed in the past. Many jobs are not be privileged to data that quantifies the result, but you still need to state that you improved some aspect of the business, process or project. Good luck using the resume samples and many other resources on this site.