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Resume Writing Guide – Discovery Method

A complete and comprehensive Resume Writing guide that takes you from beginning to end. Features our process so unique that we gave it a name: The Discovery Method. When you hire a reputable professional service, your service begins with a questionnaire worksheet. Not only does our worksheet harvest more useful information than any form used by another resume firm, but our worksheet translates the most marketable skills and assets of your background in a way that is easily transferred to your resume. We explain how to create your own expertly-crafted resume that produces results from start to finish.

As a Bonus, this guide also includes:

  • Five Ultimate Resume Hacks – Plug & Play resume enhancements and tweaks to bring your resume to the next level.
  • Professional Resume Templates – Complete set of the top ten most proven, professionally developed resume templates with design variations of each, with over 50 to choose from.
  • Job Search Myths and Job Search Action Plan – Includes a plan to show you how to conduct an efficient job search. Avoid making the mistakes that most people make when looking for a new job.
  • Action Verb Cheat Sheet – An easy to read one page document that helps generate ideas for building action statements in a resume or cover letter

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Writing the Ultimate Cover Letter – Discovery Method

Create an incredible cover letter within 30 minutes that statistically defeats 90% of your competition!  Complete guide to an effective cover letter that helps you get your foot in the door of a potential employer. Our guide reveals over a dozen techniques, methods and “hacks” to improve the response rate of your cover letter.  Intelligence-based on behavioral science from a professional resume writer that has written thousands of career documents that consistently produce positive results.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Professional Resume Templates

Professional and Modern Microsoft Word Resume Templates with modern design and feel including 10 different layouts each with 5 different variations for over 50 templates.

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Job Search Action Plan & Job Search Myths

The Job Search Action Plan provides real advice on how to conduct a thorough job search. Don’t be Fooled by these Six Job Search Myths that almost everyone believes are true.

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