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Finance and Accounting professionals should follow basic resume writing guidelines to produce a resume. Individuals in an executive or management position may want to review the guidelines for those particular resume styles.

For professionals in the finance and accounting industry, resumes should be one page if you have had less than 4 jobs and less than 15 years of experience. There is no reason to go into tremendous detail unless you have a senior level career.

As with all professional resumes, you will want a brief introduction summary that outlines your career. Most finance professionals will want to use a conservative reverse chronological format with some brief statements of responsibility and two to three achievements per job.

In most cases, individuals in finance and accounting positions will list their education, training and affiliations at the bottom of the document. A CPA or MBA may want to mention this in the summary with the formal education section at the bottom providing more details.

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Finance Resume Tips and Advice

The introduction should be standard paragraph summary. It would be helpful to pinpoint core strengths. If you are in a financial position, then numbers will be important to potential employers. You need to make sure you discuss the dollar amounts of budgets or company finances that you are responsible for managing or even working with. If your analysis leads to cost savings then make sure to highlight your results. If you are a loan officer then state the volume of loans you make and your record of success.

Of course, you should make sure to emphasize significant certifications such as noting your are a CPA (please don’t miss that).. We often advise people to include CPA after their name on the resume as seen in the CPA – Controller resume sample below. Also make sure to include information about your brokerage licenses obtained, such as a Series 7 license.

If you have a specialization such as cost accounting, financial analysis or tax preparation, then It may even be helpful to have multiple versions of a resume that accentuate each area of expertise.

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