Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager Resume Example

The summary showcases the job seeker’s accounting and financial management overseeing multiple projects. The “Areas of Expertise” section contains keywords to help search tracking such as fiscal management, audit, general ledger, fixed assets, grands and procurement. The professional experience starts with the current role. The initial statement below her job title describes her duties and accounting responsibilities. Bullet points are … Read More

Audit Director

Audit Director Resume Sample

This Audit Director resume showcases the job seeker’s audit preparation, financial reporting, risk management and program management experience. The “Areas of Expertise” section contains keywords for tracking such as credit, collections, risk assessment, CRM, cybersecurity, ACH and budgeting. Professional experience includes statements of responsibility below job headings.  The author lists relevant accomplishments with bullet points. The bottom of the document … Read More

Tax Accountant

Tax Accountant Resume Example

The summary for this accounting resume showcases the candidate’s tax accounting, accounts receivable, invoicing, and payroll experience. Even though the job seeker had recent relevant experience, education is next listed since he was soon graduating with a Master of Science in Taxation. Immediately following, is a recount of his professional experience starting with his current role. Relevant accomplishments are listed … Read More

Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager Resume Example

This Accounting Manager Resume Examples is for a Controller with over 20 years of financial management for software companies. The title includes a one-liner summarizing James’s years of experience and specific industry experience. The summary introduces his diversified experience in accounting, policy knowledge, implementation, and certification. The “Areas of Expertise” section contains keywords appropriate to his experience for a branding … Read More

Accounting Analyst

accounting analyst resume example

This resume is for an Accounting Analyst and was formatted to have a visual impact. The opening summary places Brandon’s experience in context and introduces his diversified skills as his key attributes. The “Areas of Excellence” section contains keywords appropriate to his experience for a branding statement and an at-a-glance information to managers. Immediately following, is a recount of his … Read More


Controller Resume Example

This resume was created for a higher level employee hoping to expand on his executive experience as a Controller in a large corporation. As someone with a lot of experience and skills, we provided a detailed introductory paragraph and Summary of Qualifications to ensure that potential employers see his value immediately. Now that the reader is intrigued, we expanded upon … Read More

Entry-Level Accountant

entry level accountant resume example accounting cpa

This resume was written for an entry-level account transitioning into a mid-level CPA with corporate and small business experience. The job seeker had graduated from college a few years ago and is looking to move into a more advanced position. This candidate is involved in their industry through professional memberships and is hoping to gain experience in other areas that … Read More

Staff Accountant

staff accountant resume example

The job seeker in this resume has one specific job target with over 7 years of experience in the the position of Staff Accountant.  The resume is written in a functional style that includes a summary, full documentation of experience,  simple listing of work history and education.  This style is appropriate since the roles and responsibilities are virtually identical in each … Read More

Actuary Accounting

Resume Sample for financial professional with over 20 years of experience as an Actuary and Pension Consultant. This serves as a good reference for anyone in statistical or insurance positions. This resume uses a headline to emphasize two decades of experience in actuarial work with a sub heading that focuses on actuarial systems development, support, planning, design and compliance. An … Read More

CPA Certified Public Accountant

Example resume for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with job positions as Financial Controller and Accounting Consultant. The CPA resume example works well as a resource for most finance and accounting job targets. The document uses a job title headline to quickly identify the job seeker as qualified for positions of Senior Financial Executive, Controller and Accounting Manager. A table below … Read More