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Phrases That Should Be Banned from All Resumes

Debra Wheatman Resume Mistakes, Resume Writing

We’ve all seen these phrases.  The chances are good that you have used these well-beaten phrases on your resume profile.  People have seen these on resumes so often and many take the lazy path and copy these phrases.   What’s wrong with these phrases?   They are unimaginative, vague, and superficial. Most importantly, these phrases don’t convey the unique value of the …


Resume Writing Tips for Non-College Graduates

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A few generations ago, a college degree carried a slightly different form of capital than it does today, and this shifting form of social capital continues to evolve as we speak. Managers once viewed a college degree as a rare credential, one that suggested a strong work ethic, intellectual depth, and a middle-to-upper class background. As degrees have become more …


How to Seem Older, Smarter & More Experienced than You Are

Live Career Resume Writing, Resume Writing Advice

Your former job titles are what they are, and it’s never wise to “creatively” re-word your job titles or alter your dates of employment on a resume. Changing your education credentials and graduation dates are also off the table, and so is overstating your accomplishments in school and in the workplace. But fortunately, even without making adjustments to these straightforward …

Create a Mobile Friendly Resume

Debra Wheatman Resume Structure, Resume Writing

Hiring managers and recruiters, like the rest of us, are often on-the-go.   It is common for these busy people to catch up on emails while out of the office.  They may be in an airport, on a train, waiting for a meeting, or at home.  The trend to use mobile devices such as smart phone, tablets, or ultramobile devices is …