Strategies for a Legal Resume

strategies legal lawyer resumes

There are resume standards and certain categories of information that should be on all resumes. However, every resume should be unique because each person has a unique history and career goal. Let’s review resumes for attorneys and other legal professionals. Over the years, I have seen too many resumes for legal professionals that fall short in properly marketing the professional. … Read More

You’ve Got Six Seconds To Make a Strong Impression With Your Medical Resume

medical resume advice

It’s not uncommon for an individual to spend weeks preparing a medical resume. You’ll want to adequately communicate your relevant education and experience to show your desirability as an employee. One recent study revealed that a potential employer may spend no more than six seconds on a resume during the initial screening for applicants, so great care should be taken … Read More

8 Fatal Resume Mistakes

8 resume mistakes

Do you have a killer resume or is your resume a job search killer? Have you made one of these eight fatal resume mistakes? If so, don’t worry.  All of these mistakes are easily resolved.  Review your resume after reading this list, so you can revitalize your resume and give your job search a new life!  1.) Skipping the profile … Read More

A Fresh Resume Can Invigorate Your Job Search

fresh resume job search

Have you been using the same resume for months and yet your phone is not ringing with interview invitations?  This is the time to improve your resume.  A fresh resume can energize your job search in several ways. Whether you work with a resume writing professional or decide to write it on your own, don’t delay.  The sooner you update … Read More

Resume Strategies for Lack of Work Experience

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If you are starting your career or transitioning to a new career, you may be concerned about your lack of work experience. The lack of direct experience does not mean you are not a strong candidate for your target job. You can demonstrate your qualifications and aptitude through other aspects of your experience. Consider these resume strategies to overcome limited … Read More

Take the Resume Content Quiz

resume quiz

What belongs on your resume?   Some resume guidelines are firm and apply to all job seekers.  Other guidelines apply to most job seekers, yet there are exceptions in certain scenarios. Consider each of the following types of resume content.  Which items belong on a resume? Answer: “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.”  Then check out the explanation to see if you answered … Read More

Create an ATS-friendly Resume

ats-friendly resume

If your resume is not ATS-friendly, you are limiting your job search potential. An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software application that facilitates the recruitment process for hiring employers and recruiters. Because of the numerous ATS options, companies of all sizes can access this technology. Because an ATS can automatically analyze resumes based on established criteria, candidates can be … Read More

Resumes Are Read Quickly

read resume quickly fast

Resumes are read quickly. When an employer or recruiter is viewing your resume, they aim to determine if you are a viable candidate. You’ve got a few seconds to make your case. The reader compares your resume to the requirements. They are mentally checking boxes. If you miss the mark, you are eliminated. These are the marks to hit to … Read More

Need Resume Help? Look at What Your Competition Is Doing!

resume competition

The job market can be a bewildering place, especially for those who are tackling this challenge for the first time. A few years into the game, veteran job seekers can simply open up their existing resume files and update their content to fit their new goals…But first-timers don’t have this advantage, and few things are more daunting than staring down … Read More

Is It Worth Your Time to Customize Your Resume?

customize your resume

Years ago, maybe before some of you entered the job market, it was commonplace and generally effective for candidates to have one resume for all opportunities. Of course, this was also an age in which resumes were printed on bond paper in shades of white, ivory, or light grey. Courier was the font of choice and snail mail was king. … Read More