resume formats

Resume Formats: Reverse Chronological, Hybrid, or Functional

Debra Wheatman Resume Structure

Resume writing can be confusing, especially when there is such a variety of advice on the Internet.  The one thing of which we can be certain is that each person and each situation requires a unique resume strategy. The format best for a rising star in the field of pharmacology research will differ greatly from a candidate returning to work …

spot winning resume

Five Ways to Spot a Winning Resume

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How can employers spot a winning resume in a stack of dozens of applications submitted by equally qualified candidates? What makes a great resume stand out from the crowd? Here are a few of the qualities that can help set your own resume and cover letter apart even if your credentials are similar to those of your competitors. The Qualities …

tailor resume to target job

How to Tailor Your Resume for a Target Job in Ten Minutes

Debra Wheatman Resume Writing, Resume Writing Advice

In today’s competitive job market, a resume is not merely a history of one’s employment and education.  Resumes are finely-tuned marketing tools. When designed properly, a resume positions a candidate as the ideal match for a target job.  One resume will not suit all opportunities.  You’ll boost your chances of success by tailoring your resume for each particular job opportunity.  …

new resume one hour

New Resume in One Hour?

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Recently an executive from a major insurance company contacted me with what he thought was a simple request. He wanted a new resume in one hour. His resume was last updated eight years ago, so he felt it would not take too much time for an update. Normally he would have his wife or assistant type it up, but they …

resume phrases banned

Phrases That Should Be Banned from All Resumes

Debra Wheatman Resume Mistakes, Resume Writing

We’ve all seen these phrases.  The chances are good that you have used these well-beaten phrases on your resume profile.  People have seen these on resumes so often and many take the lazy path and copy these phrases.   What’s wrong with these phrases?   They are unimaginative, vague, and superficial. Most importantly, these phrases don’t convey the unique value of the …


Resume Writing Tips for Non-College Graduates

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A few generations ago, a college degree carried a slightly different form of capital than it does today, and this shifting form of social capital continues to evolve as we speak. Managers once viewed a college degree as a rare credential, one that suggested a strong work ethic, intellectual depth, and a middle-to-upper class background. As degrees have become more …


How to Seem Older, Smarter & More Experienced

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Your former job titles are what they are, and it’s never wise to “creatively” re-word your job titles or alter your dates of employment on a resume. Changing your education credentials and graduation dates are also off the table, and so is overstating your accomplishments in school and in the workplace. But fortunately, even without making adjustments to these straightforward …