Reverse Chronological Resume Example

reverse chronological resume example

Below you will find an example of a resume written in the reverse chronological resume format. This is the most widely used resume format. In this example the resume starts out with job title headlines (Sales Management) to quickly allow the reader to identify the job seeker’s profession. The job title headlines are followed by a list of qualification highlights … Read More

Before – After Resume Examples

before after resume examples

The challenge is on for today’s job seekers. Unemployment is still high. Its seems companies underwent massive layoffs coming out of the 2008 financial crisis. And they never really got back to hiring. Business may have gotten use to functioning with less staff, relying on technology and temporary workers. This means unemployment could be structural. It also means that it … Read More

Curriculum Vitae CV Examples

CV Curriculum Vitae Examples

Below you will find examples of Curriculum Vitae for use in Academic positions. The Curriculum Vitae is commonly known as a CV for short. Due in part to the diversity of faculty and staff employed at universities, the curriculum vitae is widely accepted anywhere. However, the CV is most widely used outside the U.S. and commonly used in Europe. The … Read More

Military Resume Examples

military resume examples

Career transition resumes can be some of the most difficult to write. The key to an effective military to civilian resume is to demonstrate how your military skills, qualifications, experiences, and competencies will be of value in a civilian career. Therefore it is vital to use civilian terms and not military lingo that hiring managers won’t understand. Try to translate … Read More

PDF Resume Examples

pdf resume examples

As part of our ongoing improvements to, we have begun to put together a list of Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of certain resume samples. The PDF versions of the resume o provide a cleaner view and printing of our contributor resume samples. At this time, we have a select number of PDF Resume Samples available. We’re working towards building … Read More