Communications Resume Example

communications resume sample training

This communications resume was created for a highly accomplished communications and training director whose current position is being cut due to budget constraints. The goal was to truly highlight just how exemplary this client has been throughout his employment. To drive home this idea immediately, an introductory paragraph and summary of qualification section were utilized to describe the strongest relevant … Read More

Industrial Software Engineering Resume Example

industrial software engineering resume

This resume was created for a client with a lot of experience spread across five positions in the field of Software Engineering. With so many relevant and important achievements to mention, the fear was that his resume would immediately appear too wordy and cause a potential employer to begin skimming the resume. This can cause the employer to miss critical … Read More

Security Agent Resume Example

security agent resume example

This resume was created for a client that has worked for over 20 years for the same company as a Security Agent. The main challenge was due to the fact that the client was not authorized to provide specifics on most of the achievements and accomplishments acquired throughout their career. To protect against violating confidentiality, bullet points were kept general … Read More

Entertainment Manager Resume Example

Entertainment Manager Resume Example

The entertainment resume was created for a client that has previously worked as a manager in the music industry. After bouncing around a few times in a short span, the job seeker is looking for something more stable that can be viewed as a long-term career. The goal was to highlight his strengths and potential contributions by explaining  proficiencies in … Read More

Maintenance Resume Example

Maintenance Resume Example Manager

This maintenance resume was created for a long-term employee looking to continue his climb as a Maintenance Director. The job seeker has a lot of experience as well as a wealth of information that they wanted included for each position. The challenge was to include this desired information while maintaining a streamlined resume that was pleasing to the eye. To … Read More

Client Services Resume Example

client services resume example

This Director of Client Services resume example is for a professional that wishes to continue their career path and extend their area of influence. The resume began with an introductory paragraph and core competencies section to grab the reader’s attention by listing key attributes and qualifications that would interest employers in this field. Once the writer gets the reader’s attention, … Read More

Technology Director Resume Example

Technology Director Resume Example

This resume was created for a Technology Integration Director that is interested in simply seeing what jobs are out there for him to explore. The high level IT manager had a wealth of strong professional experience, industry affiliations and relevant education degrees. The challenge was to properly highlight all of these aspects while keeping the resume to two pages. To … Read More

Software Consultant Resume Example

Software Consultant Resume Example

This software consultant resume was created for an developer that was looking to expand their reach and client list. The IT professional worked all over the world and possesses numerous key qualities in their field. The job seeker is hoping to use these qualities to land a more stable and consistent job with a large company while continuing consulting on … Read More

Program Manager Resume Example

Program Manager Resume Example

This resume was designed for a client looking to progress further in his career as a Program Management Officer. The professional has an impressive background in terms of education, accomplishments and publications. The writer wanted to ensure that these attributes were highlighted in the best possible way. The resume began with an introductory paragraph followed by a Summary of Qualifications … Read More

Food Beverage Manager Resume Example

Food and Beverage Manager Resume Example

This resume was created for a director of Food & Beverage. The candidate recently lost their job due to budget cuts and is hoping to use this opportunity to secure a quality position at a stable company. The writer wanted to present the background and accomplishments in the best possible light to make this happen. The resume began with an … Read More